30 April 2008

yes, i am *still* STILL angry

yes, i am *still* angry, originally uploaded by choofly.

i know, i know, i've whined about this for more than a month. but i just made a calculation: because it takes me 12 seconds to open each stupidly bubble-wrapped plastic pill package, in the next ten years, i will have spent just over one full day opening zyrtec-d pill packages. sure, one day in ten years doesn't sound all that much, but can you imagine how shitty that day will be? i will have cuts from sharp, jagged plastic, repetitive stress injuries, and a whole hell of a lot of whining to do, not to mention i will have dumped a mess of clear plasticky badness into the landfills.

what's more, i'm willing to bet that the meth addicts who are trying to squeeze that sudafed out of my zyrtec-d are willing to do that day. over, and over, and over again.

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